HARMERGEDDON is Nathan Greywater and Fae Harmer, London / Dungeness based audio / visual performance art duo formed in 2010.

From the unwanted, unheard and unseen they create instruments, installations, sound pieces and visuals improvised as a feedback loop between gesture and combined consciousness.

Their live show blends sound, lighting and performance art in a feedback loop using photophonics (sound carried on light beams), electro magnetic fields and consumer electronic junk, all formed on the basis of improvisation and psychedelia; the result verges on intense spectacle or even sensory overload.

Since their inception they have played countless shows in London (Splice Festival 2018, Cafe Oto, Lewisham Arthouse amongst others), Bristol, Brighton, Middlesbrough (Middlebrough Arts Weekender 2017), Leeds, Lincoln, Italy (Grobbia Artist Residency 2017), Ireland, France (Ambiosonic 2016) as well as streaming live to Montreal (Sight & Sound 2016) and Winnipeg (Winnipeg Underground Film Festival 2017). They have collaborated with Guillaume Vallée & Sonya Stefan, Poppy Liqueur, raxil4 and Charles Hayward and have provided live visuals for Ben Vince, Lia Mice, Merkaba Macabre, A'Bear and Dronica Festival. They have also shot and edited music videos for the bands Warren Schoenbright and Lofe.

Consumed electronics, kinetic pulse, drifting texture, undulating drone, amber cloud, alternating current, corrosive rain, dots behind the eyes, light becomes sound, rebuilt from the ground up with whatever comes to hand.


Image taken by Stuart Groves